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Warrnambool's Women's Whaleboat Racing Team with the limited edition Vegemite jars their team photo is featured on.   ...

Top 10 iconic Australian foods

The uniquely Aussie, occasionally daggy things that far-from-home care packages are made of.

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Donna Hay's exclusive menu for the Australian Open 2020.

Donna Hay serves culinary aces at Australian Open 2020

Fans flocking to see the world's tennis champions at the Australian Open 2020 this January can also look forward to close encounters of a culinary kind — with the stars of Australia's cooking scene.

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Discover the food behind the greatest tennis event of the year.

8 of the best sport-spectating dishes at the Australian Open

The Australian Open is here and that can only mean one thing: tennis. But there's something else afoot at the southern hemisphere's greatest tennis competition – this year, the food is set to be all-time. From Rockpool and Nobu to world-class pizza and mind-bogglingly delicious stuffed pitas, we've got you prepared – game, set, match – for your big day at the AO 2020.

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